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Base important decisions on data. Telematic solutions for vehicle fleets across various application fields help save costs, modernise business, and streamline management.


GX collects and evaluates useful data that help companies grow


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Real-time information

The right data for the right people at the right time. Our solutions are more than just moving dots on a map. They provide comprehensive data on the condition of vehicles, machines and other objects, the employees’ activity, and the equipment operation.

A simple agenda without unnecessary paper documentation

Saving employees’ working time by using electronic records. Paperwork and procedures with no prolonged periods of waiting for information and employees’ performance of work tasks. No lack of data. Automation of many activities.

Organised management

Timely information improve vehicle fleet management, control operations, and task management. They allow you to monitor and manage your daily agenda remotely. Our technologies help businesses innovate and operate at a higher level.

Permanent operational savings

Telematic solutions are a suitable tool for management, planning, decision-making, and property protection. A continuous overview of the vehicle fleet operation saves resources. It helps you figure out where the funds are going and determine room for improvement.

Legislation support system

Our solutions help you comply with the legislative regulations of some logistics operations, for instance, in freight, bus, and rail transport during the distribution of thermolabile commodities or in waste management.

Slide Comprehensive
fleet monitoring

Monitoring is more than just GPS tracking. It is a complex system of information mapping out the relevant parts of your activities


1,000 hours per month spent providing support to clients

Intelligent data collection

Telematic units, hardware, and diagnostic accessories that are designed for sensing, collecting, and processing operating data and performance indicators of the monitored objects.

Software tools

Modern software tools for instant access to data from the cloud. Data available in one place and in just a few clicks. Software, web and mobile application, online information reporting, and API for data migration to other information systems.

Tailor-made solutions

Proposal, development, and implementation of solutions according to specific requirements. Modifications, programming, and functionalities tailored to the needs of the client and the operation. IoT solutions and data integration with third-party information systems.

Technical support

Our own assembly and service centres and mobile workers ensure technical support is available to clients in all regions. We provide consultations, training, help desk, after-sales service, SLA services, and individual approach during our entire cooperation.

Research and development

We are a certified company actively implementing projects in various application fields. This results in MIS and ERP tools that ensure a higher level of business processes.

Our wide range of services allows us to help companies in various fields


content clients

Community services

Waste collection

Purposeful waste collection. Automatic waste container identification.

Large-capacity container and intermediate bulk container transport

Logistics and identification of large-capacity containers.

Road maintenance

Monitoring of municipal services in road management.
Telematic solutions are among the smart city building innovations. They help monitor vehicle operation and individual activities during road maintenance and waste management. They provide information on the method of practical provision of services to citizens. These modern technologies ensure the collection, analysis, and use of data for better awareness and operational savings. As such, they contribute to the improvement of regional services.

Transport and forwarding

Freight transport monitoring

Tracking trucks, vehicles, and semi-trailers

Bus transport monitoring

Overview of operation parameters and transport quality.

Rail transport monitoring

Administration and management of the carrier’s operations and processes.
Telematic solutions evaluating the operation in the transport of goods and passengers. Vehicle, bus and train monitoring provides information on transport, including fuel checks. The system provides reports for multiple company levels: dispatching, economics, operation and maintenance, forwarding, controlling, trade. It also encourages individual carriers to comply with the legislation.

Storage and distribution

Moving equipment monitoring

Overview of true machine utilisation and movement

Distribution logistics

Thermolabile commodity transport quality under control

Work and operation safety

GX ActiveSafety system for the protection of health and property.
For the optimisation of internal logistics, the true machine utilisation is an important indicator. Our solutions provide documents and statistics for an overview of machine handling. Key data for the efficiency of the machine work and operation. Information on productivity and resources. As a result, companies are able to improve planning, maintenance, processes, and investments in the operation.

Construction, forestry, agriculture

Machine and superstructure monitoring

Utilisation of construction equipment

Freight transport monitoring

Evaluation of fuel operation and handling

Work and operation safety

GX ActiveSafety system for the protection of health and property.
Telematic solutions for evaluating the operation of construction, forestry, and agricultural equipment. Useful data for analysing machine performance and usage in real time. System for monitoring the activity and costs of additional equipment. Complete protection against fuel loss and unauthorised machine use. A simpler agenda using real data for performance accounting.

Company vehicle management

Company car monitoring

Analysis of the vehicle fleet use and protection

Digital driving school

Certified teaching identification with data for the Complex Information System for Road Transport (JISCD)
Telematic solutions for the monitoring and evaluation of the operation of vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. Analysis of the individual employees’ use of company cars in the form of an electronic driver logbook. Authorised use of vehicles for better driver discipline. Minimum paperwork with documents for the vehicle overuse application.

Industry and production logistics

Intelligent logistics

Production logistics
Manufacturing process
Managed warehouse

Moving equipment monitoring

Overview of true machine utilisation and movement

RTLS localization

Objects and People
Material flow
Managed logistics

Transport of employees to plants

Line utilisation in employer-subsidised travel allowance.

Lifting machine handling

Overview of the work, movement, and operation of overhead cranes.
Telematic solutions will help companies facilitate the management of logistics and service activities in the production process. The collected data is used to monitor machinery, record operations, and automate tasks and electronic agenda. Data collection is crucial for better in-house logistics management. Online information on employee attendance make costs more transparent and help maintain continuous production.

TSI standardization

GX RDIP data platform for rail transport

An integrated tool in the carrier's processes and systems to support the European TSI.
This applied IT solution is a response to the European Union’s regulation to standardize communication channels and data flows. We provide an integrated tool to support and automate the data exchange processes of all railway undertakings, in accordance with the European TSI.

Applied IT solutions

Electronic road maintenance management

An innovative solution on the market in the form of a smart application for electronic process and road maintenance management.
This applied IT solution is a novelty for a higher level of road management. Do your business modernly, faster and better. System for electronic planning, registration and maintenance management. Modern technologies will replace all paper agendas. In addition to electronics, it provides intuitive functions for work, communication and documentation of dispatching with field workers. The mobile application will ensure trusted data in real time and in the right place. A tool that also includes a smart daily activity route.
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About us

Since 1999, we have been helping our clients improve their business endeavours by providing them with useful data.

We are a Slovak company focused on the development of telematic solutions. They supervise the operation of vehicle fleets of various types, compositions, purposes of use, and service activities. We use modern technologies to improve vehicle fleet and trucking fleet management. Our services ensure comprehensive object monitoring and provision of information through an autonomous system or as an integrated solution to the information systems used. Our priority is the reliability of data collection and reporting accompanied by many years of experience and expertise. The purpose of the services provided to our clients are simple, practical, and innovative solutions ensuring intelligent operations.

We are also active in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland.


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You are in good company

We can export information for residents from the system – the house number, the assigned waste container, and the amount of municipal waste. We have an accurate overview of how many waste containers in individual volumes are located in the municipality. We have an overview of when the waste export took place with a 1-minute accuracy.

Municipality of Dojč

The monitoring services monitor fuel with precision to the extent we need. Monitoring constitutes a database of information. The culture and level of communication within the company have increased, as well. An added benefit is the connection with the ŠPED software used by our company.

Chemosvit Chedos

We started with location and diesel monitoring. We implemented the system as a necessary monitoring instrument. We are now able to see when the driver gets in the car and salary statements are drawn up on the basis of detailed vehicle records. In 2014, we switched to a new version of the system with the Smart TDM software. With positive monitoring results achieved over a long term, we see further possibilities to explore.


We have a very positive view of the system as a whole as the money invested in it has been paying off in savings and effective measures, which we were able to gradually introduce thanks to the data from this system. The online location as well as the accuracy of the data on fuel are very accurate and reliable. Operating hours, working time, as well as other services also meet high standards. Container monitoring appears to be an added benefit. References from our colleagues from the Czech Republic who have been using monitoring for a long time are very positive.

TSR Slovakia

From a management point of view, the wide range of printing options for reports on the utilisation and efficiency of vehicles and forklifts, and the monthly charts on the distance travelled and an overview of the presence of the individual forklifts in various production departments, which form the basis for more effective measures in the personnel staffing and technical support of the in-house transport department, have proved to be a benefit.

Chemosvit fólie

Owing to the monitoring system from GX Solutions, we now have a detailed overview of vehicle movements, breaks and crossings, exact departure times, as well as returns to the company, which make it easier for us to control employees’ workload during working hours, control work performance on the weekends and meet deadlines. Last but not least, we have a detailed overview of the fuel amount and we import data from the TANKER fleet cards with one click a month, which saves us a lot of time seeing as our company employs a full-tank policy, i.e. each vehicle must be refuelled to the fullest after working hours. Of course, automatic driver logbooks, evaluations, comparisons, checks, and reports also save a lot of time, especially at the end of the year.

Technical Services Senica

The monitoring system utilised by our company since 2007 has generated fuel savings, provided us with an overview of vehicle rides, allowed us to replace cumbersome manual vehicle operation records with electronic ones, and to put a stop to employees’ use of company vehicles for private use.

Road Administration and Maintenance of the Prešov Self-Governing Region

The system is fully compatible with our KOBIT extensions and meets all criteria for a secure connection and data acquisition. This ensures an even greater comfort of data processing in electronic form for our customers.

KOBIT-SK s.r.o.

Motor vehicle monitoring helps us manage routes and fuel agenda, as well as check the created vehicle operation records. We manage to save kilometres. With the mobile application, we can check a given vehicle in real time.

ERSON Recycling, s.r.o.


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